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Blogging In Science

Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 10 years, 11 months ago


The children in these photos are observing and discovering how tall their grass is.  The children are beginning to explore standard and non standard ways to measure things.  Through this type of exploration children develop an understanding of "how to" take care of living things.  One of the children suggested that everyone plant their grass in their yard at home.

Blogging In Kindergarten!



Wow!  I am so excited to share this page to share the amazing blogging that is happening in Kindergarten.  This page will illustrate some of the explorations we are involved in, in regards to science.  The children are busily creating and designing posts about topics we explore in Kindergarten.  This page is also part of an idea I developed through a grant I wrote on Donors Choose.  My grant was completely funded which meant I had many new non fiction texts, cameras and mp3 players to help capture some of the amazing scientific discoveries we observe in Kindergarten.



I hope this page offers inspiration to anyone thinking about trying to blog with your students.  Blogging offers another way to connect and interact with ideas and discoveries.  My students enjoy writing and love to share what they can do.  In a couple of videos you will see how confident  a child is when reading her post.  As a teacher I reflect on this, thinking about all the skills that have been taught and explored.  A nice way to see and watch those teaching moments coming together.



Untitled from Sharon Davison on Vimeo.


During our exploration of living things.  The children had an opportunity to sprout a radish seed to observe what roots and root hairs look like and we also planted grass seeds.  The grass seeds sprouted quickly and the children were then able to observe how tall their grass grew over a period of time as well as notice the root and root hairs that developed.  The clear plastic cups made this easy for the children to see.  Listen to what one of our scientific thinkers observed. 

Untitled from Sharon Davison on Vimeo.


The children were also able to make a variety of connections while writing in their scientific journals too!


The children created amazing drawings just like Gail Gibbons, an author we have explored a lot this year.  A wonderful way to incorporate literacy with young learners.

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