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Author Study Page

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Welcome To Our Author Study Page!




On this page you will be able to see, watch and listen to all of the great writing, reading and art that we are immersed in.  Author studies are really important because it gives us a chance to really look closely at an authors craft of writing!  Then we try to use some of the writing and reading strategies that famous author's do.  Lots of fun.  We hope you enjoy the wonderful work we are doing in Kindergarten.



Some Wonderful Watercolor Art Inspired By Mo Willems Books!






Mo Willems!







We have been reading lots of books by Mo Willems this month.  We have discovered that he uses lots of speech bubbles in his books.  We have discovered that speech bubbles let the reader know someone is talking.  He also uses lots of different animals as characters in his stories too!






Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: abd572d1f4b1465496da1b6abf8cd503




The photos below are of children reading stories by Mo Willems.  The excitement about this study has been amazing from the children.  The stories are short, interesting, fun and the characters are very funny!  The children have enjoyed the predictable text and of course making connections has been an easy comprehension skill to infuse!  The children have been making all 3 types of connections with the stories!  They are text to text, text to self and text to world.  Be sure to ask your child to explain these connections to you!





A Comprehension Strategy We Use In Kindergarten!











Dr. Seuss and Our Interpretations of Green Eggs and Ham!



The children have been reading and listening to a variety of books written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss.  As part of our author study the children have been learning about ";How To"; respond to a story/a text.  We have been writing about our favorite parts of stories and illustrating too.  The children have created a voicethread and podcasts too!  These are all different ways that we can share our understanding of the many texts that we read.  As you know we will be having a Dr. Seuss luncheon at the end of the month.  Afterwards your child will be bringing home a collection of their reading responses to the wonderful stories we have enjoyed by Dr. Seuss.

In the photos above you see children creating a respond to a Dr. Seuss story about Up!  The children had to complete the following phrase;";Up for....";  Some of the things the children wrote were; ";Up for a bird, Up for the sun, Up for a trampoline, Up for a kite.";  They wee all wonderful!  This was a great way to get at what the children could connect with in the story.  During both reader's and writer's workshop we make connections with what we hear and see.  By making connections we develop a deeper understanding.




























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