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Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 10 years, 8 months ago

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


 The children have been reading and rereading this wonderful story by Eric Carle.  This has become a familiar story.  A familiar story is a story that we know really well and understand.  One of our literacy projects with this story was to create a podcast.  These podcasts are our first ones.  All the children did a wonderful job sharing whatever they wanted to say about this familiar story







     Eloise.wav   Peter.wav    Patrick.wav    Mia.wav    Lucy.wav  Johnathan.wav    George.wav 

Sophia.wav    Tennyson.wav      Avery.wav   Arian.wav    Alexa.wav    Alex.wav





Podcasts and Drawings Inspired By

"The Lorax", By, Dr. Seuss


The children enjoyed listening to the story, The Lorax.  Afterwards we had a discussion about the events in the story, what we felt was important, what our favorite part was and why and how the story made us feel.  I was really impressed with the ideas that the children shared in our discussion, podcasts and in their drawings.





   2012-03-19 10_16.wav

By, Jacob

    2012-03-08 12_55.wav

By, Kyle

  2012-03-08 12_54.wav

By, Asher

  2012-03-08 01_23.wav

By, Montana

  2012-03-19 10_20.wav

By, Brian

  2012-03-08 01_30.wav

By, Parker

  2012-03-08 01_54.wav

By, Oliver

  2012-03-08 12_38.wav

By, Philip

  2012-03-08 12_36.wav

By, Avery


By, Lauryn


By, Abby


By, Poppy

  2012-03-19 10_31.wav

By, Jayden


By, Sally

  2012-03-08 01_36.wav

By, Sylvie

  2012-03-08 02_11.wav

By, Lucia

  2012-03-08 02_24.wav

By, Sabrina

Celebrating Writing In A Podcast!


During the month of February we are celebrating  writing and reading in Kindergarten.  We will be having a special Open House on the 21st for everyone to come and see some of the wonderful things we are doing in regards to literacy.  This week the children had an opportunity to create a podcast about why writing is important and how it helps them.  I love how each child has their own interpretation and ideas about their feelings about writing.  Their art work is beautiful too!  The illustrations are things/tools that the children feel help them with their writing.   Most are digital tools!





2012-02-13 09_34.wav    Sabrina


2012-02-13 09_51.wav    Jacob


2012-02-13 09_46.wav    Philip


2012-02-13 09_43.wav    Kyle


2012-02-13 09_39.wav    Sylvie


2012-02-13 09_38.wav    Montana


2012-02-13 09_31.wav    Poppy


2012-02-13 09_28(1).wav   Avery


2012-02-13 09_28.wav     Abby


2012-02-13 09_24.wav    Oliver


2012-02-13 09_13.wav    Brian


2012-02-13 09_19.wav    Jayden


2012-02-13 09_09.wav  



2012-02-13 09_10.wav   Asher


2012-02-13 08_57.wav   Parker


2012-02-13 09_05.wav   Lauryn


2012-02-14 10_43.wav   Lucia









Podcasts About Our Wishes For The World



2012-01-10 09_21.wav


2012-01-10 12_33.wav


2012-01-10 12_24(1).wav


2012-01-10 12_26.wav


2012-01-10 10_11.wav


2012-01-10 10_49.wav


2012-01-10 12_32.wav


2012-01-10 12_24.wav


2012-01-10 09_48.wav


2012-01-10 09_20.wav


2012-01-10 10_25.wav


2012-01-10 12_20(2).wav


2012-01-10 12_25(1).wav


2012-01-10 12_20.wav


2012-01-06 02_16(2).wav


2012-01-10 12_21.wav



2012-01-10 12_22.wav


Podcasts of How We Are Different


2011-12-08 08_22.wav Philip

2011-12-07 02_08(1).wavAbby

Sabrina2011-12-07 02_08(2).wav 

 Avery2011-12-07 02_05(1).wav

2011-12-07 02_04(1).wav Poppy 

2011-12-07 02_02(1).wav Jayden

2011-12-07 02_02.wav Montana

2011-12-07 02_01.wav Lauryn

2011-12-07 02_00.wav Jacob

2011-12-07 01_59(1).wav Sylvie

2011-12-07 01_52.wavKyle

2011-12-07 01_51.wavLucia

2011-12-07 01_45.wavSally

2011-12-07 01_44.wavBrian

2011-12-07 01_59.wavOliver

2011-12-07 01_43.wavAsher

2011-12-07 01_42.wavParker





We read a great story called; How We Are The Same and Different.  The children enjoyed turning and talking about how they were the same and different with a partner after the story.  As a group we came up with a list of ideas that share how we are the same.  This is what we came up with; We are all in Kindergarten, we all live in Vermont, we all go to school at Allen Brook, We Are All Kind, Safe and Responsible, We all work hard, We are learning a lot.

Below you will see the page that your child created.  The page shares how they are different from a friend, then they created an illustration of their idea.  I am so impressed with how the children are beginning to use/recognize when to use spaces between words, where to use capital letters, how to use punctuation and of course that they are writing/sharing an idea by writing a sentence!

The other really interesting thing is that we used an iPad to create our podcasts!  We have an app called; Audio Memos.  This is for recording children read, etc.-children can then hear themselves on playback and/or the recordings the children make can also be emailed! The children are able to record themselves so easily!


Parker     2011-12-07 01_42.wav  

Asher2011-12-07 01_43.wav

Brian2011-12-07 01_44.wav

Sally2011-12-07 01_45.wav

Lucia2011-12-07 01_51.wav

Kyle2011-12-07 01_52.wav

Oliver2011-12-07 01_59.wav

Sylvie2011-12-07 01_59(1).wav

Jacob2011-12-07 02_00.wav

Lauryn2011-12-07 02_01.wav

Montana2011-12-07 02_02.wav

Jayden2011-12-07 02_02(1).wav

Poppy2011-12-07 02_04.wav

Avery2011-12-07 02_05.wav

Sabrina2011-12-07 02_08.wav

Abby2011-12-07 02_08(1).wav

Philip2011-12-08 08_22.wav


Podcasts of The Life Cycle of The Monarch Butterfly


 Created By, Sylvie


The children have been learning all about the life cycle of many different kinds of plants and animals this fall.  We created podcasts of the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly for you to enjoy.  We spent a lot of time reading about this unique life cycle.  One of our favorite stories was The Monarch Butterfly by, Gail Gibbons.  Enjoy the podcasts!  You will see the children's artwork displayed at our first celebration of learning next week!


JacobZ0000327.mp3 SabrinaZ0000328.mp3 BrianZ0000329.mp3

SylvieZ0000330.mp3 AbbyZ0000331.mp3 PhilipZ0000332.mp3

KyleZ0000333.mp3 JaydenZ0000336.mp3 OliverZ0000337.mp3

AsherZ0000338.mp3 SallyZ0000340.mp3 ParkerZ0000341.mp3

MontanaZ0000342.mp3 LaurenZ0000347.mp3 AveryZ0000346.mp3

PoppyZ0000350.mp3 LuciaZ0000351.mp3





Paintings and Podcasts of The Very Hungry Caterpillar


We have been reading the story,"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by, Eric Carle.  It is one of our familiar stories because we have read it many times and focused on lots of different features of the story each time we read it.  Your child has created and illustrated their own story of the book too.  Your child keeps lots of familiar stories that we read in Kindergarten in their book bin.  This way during our Reader's Workshop time your child is able to read and practice reading the familiar stories we have read in class.

Each of the children have created their own interpretation of what they think the very hungry caterpillar looks like.  After we created our caterpillars the children were able to create a podcast of the story.  This is a wonderful way for children to practice re-telling a story.  During our Reader's Workshop time we have many opportunities to turn and talk about what we understand about a story after we read it.  Enjoy!


SylvieZ0000302.mp3 SallyZ0000303.mp3 OliverZ0000305.mp3

AveryZ0000307.mp3 PhilipZ0000308.mp3 BrianZ0000309.mp3

JacobZ0000310.mp3 JaydenZ0000312.mp3 MontanaZ0000313.mp3 KyleZ0000314.mp3 AsherZ0000315.mp3 LaurynZ0000317.mp3 SabrinaZ0000320.mp3 ParkerZ0000319.mp3 PoppyZ0000323.mp3 AbbyZ0000324.mp3 Lucia Z0000326.mp3


Hello Mrs. D,

Thanks much for sharing such wonderful recordings! Listening to Sabrina's voice makes our heart warm up! Please keep them coming. Thanks, Giovanna & Dan Butler














Podcasts of Our Dreams For The Future


Our ideas were inspired by Martin Luther Kings Dream.  We enjoyed reading a book written by Martin's sister, Christine.  The story reminded us of how important it is to be kind and treat others the way we wish to be treated.  The watercolor art work and voices are from 5 and 6 year children who care very much about each other and the world.  Thanks for listening.................

Z0000224.mp3 Avery


Harper Z0000229.mp3

Norah Z0000219.mp3



Mikhyia Z0000222.mp3



James Z0000217.mp3










Comments (2)

Bonnie Birdsall said

at 5:39 pm on Jan 25, 2011

I love these podcasts and your dreams. Thank you for sharing them! ~Ms. Birdsall

Sharon E. Davison said

at 6:20 pm on Jan 25, 2011

I am so proud of you all. I am especially proud to be your teacher. Never give up on your dream! Mrs. D.

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