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Theme Wall

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What is a theme wall? By, Anna Z0000214.mp3


Pictures of Our Theme Wall In Kindergarten!

What Is A Theme Wall

A theme wall is a place where children can display their writing, drawing, labels for pictures and creations of observations that they make about their natural world.  Young children are genuinely interested and excited about making connections, seeing patterns and sharing their observations about what they see in the real world.  The theme wall is an opportunity to give the children a place to do just that! 

This idea comes from the Comprehension Toolkit.  The toolkit offers endless ideas and opportunities for young children to learn about informational and non-fiction writing as well as how to represent what they understand and comprehend about a life studies theme.


I expect that children will........compose authentic writing that displays meaning of what they display on the theme wall.  Children will also compose labels that give their pictures and drawings meaning for others to comprehend.  Opportunities will be offered for children to make podcasts about what they have created and comprehended from our current life studies theme.

  1. Children will practice their writing skills, oral speaking, self confidence and self esteem is stronger as children have opportunities to share their ideas, designs and creations.  Children will use endless fine motor skills in creating artwork and writing for the wall.
  2. Children create authentic writing, podcasts and artwork of their understanding of our current theme of study.  Children create podcasts of their understanding of what they have created as well as what a theme wall is.



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