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Earth Day!

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Welcome To The Earth Day Page!



This page was created by the children!  We have done many wonderful things around the theme of "Keeping It Green".  The writing, podcasts, artwork and other information is shared through the eyes of your children.  I was very impressed with how they wanted to share their ideas as well as their thinking behind all the creativity that you will be able to enjoy!



A Beautiful Class Mural Showing The Beauty We See In Our World!


Podcasts Of Our Promises To Help Take Care Of The Earth!



Name of child Podcast 
Emma  Z0000109.mp3  
Jake  Z0000102.mp3  
Johnny  Z0000103.mp3  
Alex  Z0000113.mp3  
Madison  Z0000095.mp3  
Carmella  Z0000108.mp3  
Abby  Z0000107.mp3  
Nickerson  Z0000097.mp3  
Tomas  Z0000104.mp3  
Jack  Z0000098.mp3  
Immashiya  Z0000099.mp3  
Riley  Z0000094.mp3  
Luke  Z0000096.mp3  
Tristan  Z0000111.mp3  
Olivia  Z0000110.mp3  
Elizabeth  Z0000105.mp3  
Katie  Z0000106.mp3  
Jordyn  Z0000100.mp3  



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