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Writing Curriculum Calendar

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Kindergarten Writing Curriculum Calendar 





What is a writing curriculum calendar?


A writing curriculum calendar is a calendar for the year of when specific writing genres will be taught. 



Length Of Study  Writing Unit 
Sept.-October  Launching The Writing Workshop 
Oct.-Nov.  Informational Books: Observing, Labeling, and writing like scientists
Nov.-Dec.  Personal Narrative, Pattern Books
Dec.-Jan.  Author Study,Writing for Readers
Jan.-Feb.  Personal Stories , Writing For Readers
Feb.-March  Author Study / Response To Literature


"How To Books" 

April Informational Books, All About
May  Poetry 
May Persuasive Writing
June  Celebration of Growth 

Below you see a great example of a child telling a story about what she has learned about insects.  She uses colorful, detailed pictures with clear labels to share what she has learned and what she wants to share.






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