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Reading Out Loud

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Welcome to the Read Aloud Page! 



This is a page where you can come to view books that we will be reading in Kindergarten.  I will post names of author's we are reading about.  Please check the Shelfari on our Life Studies and Classroom blogs to see titles of books we are currently reading.  This way you can read the book ahead of time with your child if you wish.  Sometimes this is helpful in familiarizing  a child with the story ahead of time to help expose and familiarize a child with the story plot, vocabulary and characters. 


Feel free to leave a a comment below about any observations, feelings, etc. that you might have. Please let me know if you need help locating any of the books and I will help you.






I have also included a oral reading table below.  I am creating podcasts of your child reading a story orally.  I will try to update often.  This is a great way for you to listen to your child read, celebrate their reading as well as talk about the story.  Enjoy!




Podcasts of Oral Reading!






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