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Reader's Workshop

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Welcome To The Reader's Workshop Page!


This is a place where you can come to learn about what Reader's Workshop is.  Reader's Workshop happens daily in Kindergarten.  It is a time when your child has an opportunity to practice their reading skills and strategies.

Reader's Workshop is a quiet, independent and collaborative time.  You will see children reading independently, with a partner or even in a small group! 

When Reader's Workshop begins we first talk about what, where and what we like to read, discuss the noise level in the room and how it can be helpful when it is quiet as we are able to have better focus and concentration.  The children also have many conversations about how to take care of books as well as how to turn the pages!


The next conversation we have is about what we can do to become strong readers!  We spend a lot of time discussing ways we can build strong reading habits to help us become readers.


We practice the following:

*Strong Readers read the pictures

*Strong Readers act out the story

*Strong Readers notice details or new things when they reread the story

*Strong Readers make connections to the story

*Strong Readers talk about books with others

This child has made a mathematical connection/text to self connection with something we use in number corner to a text he has recently read.


Reader's Think and Talk About Books With Others


Children are given lots of opportunities to read with their reading partner, independently and with a small group.  The children know they are successful when they are sitting side by side and placing the book in the middle, taking turns, sharing ideas and connections as well as giving their partner an "I'm interested message."


The children also learn ways they can read with their partner.  Some ways are; echo reading, taking turns, chorus reading and helping each other make connections and notice details on the pages.




After we read for about 15-20 minutes, we come back together as a group for a "share session".  The share session is a great teaching opportunity that allows the children to share something that reinforces the mini lesson, adds-on to the mini lesson, or even gives a sneak preview for a future mini-lesson.


What is a mini lesson?


A mini lesson focuses on a specific reading strategy.  Some of the strategies we practice in Kindergarten are: making connections with the text, looking at the pictures to give us visual clues and help with meaning, sound out the letters, look through the word for and try to put/blend the sounds together, tap out sounds with our fingers, try words that we think might make sense and we always talk out what we learn so that we can share our thinking behind the strategies we use.
















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